“We believe that investing in quality education for nurses is essential to building a healthier and stronger society, and we are committed to providing the best training possible.”
Moloy Kumar Ghosh
Chairman, Nirmala Foundation

In 2017, we began our journey with the opening of the International Institute of Nursing & Research at Kalyani. – a tribute to my mother Nirmala Ghosh and dedicated to the Nursing fraternity. Our intent was to bridge the gaps between the existing healthcare sector and empower the nursing professionals to make informed career choices.

Over the years, our students have consistently raised the bar in terms of learning and community services and have made IINR one of the finest nursing institutions in the country. Powering this growth has been made possible with the academic talent of our faculty members. The faculty stands as the backbone of our institution. These silent saviours work diligently, tirelessly, with complete commitment and single-minded dedication to every single student.

Undoubtedly, nursing has made its place among the noblest profession of callings. It is both an art and a science, making it a profession that demands care, compassion and complete immersion. With the help of our accomplished and talented faculty, we seek to create an environment of learning and caring that instils values and inspires the next generation of nursing professionals.

Indeed, IINR is an integral part of the greater journey to touch and serve more lives, and overcoming the challenges of the economy and demography. We pledge to intensify our efforts to promote health, spread hope and enrich humanity.

“As Managing Director of IINR, my goal is to empower and inspire our nursing students to become compassionate healthcare professionals who make a positive impact on society.”
Medhawi Verma
Managing Director

As the MD of International Institute of Nursing & Research, it is my immense pleasure to welcome you! Nursing as a profession is a noble one. Its increasing global demand offers a highly rewarding career. As nurses, we are the direct care providers and should carry the message of love, care, competence and compassion in this torn world.

Our institution is equipped with qualified and competent teachers, excellent infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, library with more than 3000 latest edition books, national and international journals that facilitate students’ progression towards an advanced academic approach. Our ‘Advanced Labs’ are equipped with the latest technology and educational aids to make teaching and the learning experience more interesting and wholesome. IINR also possess good and comfortable accommodation for students with all facilities including round-the-clock security.

IINR offers General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM), B.Sc (Nursing) and Post Basic Nursing courses, affiliated by Govt. of West Bengal, WBNC, WBUHS and Indian Nursing Council. The Institute pledges to strive hard to become a centre of excellence in nursing education. On behalf of the institution, I warmly invite you to be a proud nursing student of IINR.

“Leading with dedication and excellence, I as the Principal of IINR ensure that each student receives a quality education and is equipped with the skills to thrive in their nursing career.”
Latika Das

International Institute of Nursing & Research, Kalyani is the budding institute with exceptional infrastructure, qualified and experienced teaching faculty and a diligent interdisciplinary team.

Nursing is one of the most dynamic professions that open up a wide scope of services in the country and abroad. Our mission is to deliver a seamless learning experience to our students through the highest level of standards, so that they can give back to this world.

Our aim is to make our students erudite, well-skilled and professional, while they seek excellence through the best of the facilities we provide, like, smart classrooms, equipped laboratories and updated libraries.

We are also committed to providing a solid foundation in clinical practice through Monarama Hospitex, our parent hospital, where hands-on training with small classes takes place. This allows our students to explore opportunities to work.

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