Tie-up with multiple hospitals

IINR, or the International Institute of Nursing and Research, is a highly respected nursing college known for providing exceptional education and training to its students. One of the key advantages of studying at IINR is the college's extensive tie-ups with multiple hospitals for clinical experience, internships, and practical training.

Through these tie-ups, IINR students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in real-world healthcare settings, working alongside experienced professionals and putting their skills and knowledge into practice. This exposure is invaluable for nursing students, as it allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry and hone their clinical skills.

Furthermore, these tie-ups also provide IINR students with a unique advantage in the job market. Many employers value practical experience, and IINR students who have completed internships or practical training at one of the college's hospital partners may be more likely to secure employment after graduation.

Overall, the tie-ups between IINR and multiple hospitals are a major selling point for the college. Students who choose to study at IINR can be confident that they will receive a top-notch education and have access to some of the best practical training opportunities in the field.

Smart Classrooms

IINR is a renowned nursing college that provides its students with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. One of the highlights of the college is its smart and digital classrooms that enhance the learning experience of the students. Equipped with modern technology, these classrooms provide a platform for interactive and engaging learning.

The smart classrooms at IINR are equipped with projectors, interactive whiteboards, and audio-visual equipment that facilitate real-time discussions, collaborative learning, and immersive experiences. With the use of digital tools, students can access learning materials online, take notes, and engage in discussions with their peers and teachers.

IINR believes in creating an environment that nurtures learning and growth, and the smart classrooms are a testament to this philosophy. The college has invested in providing its students with the best facilities to ensure that they receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for the future.

World Class Laboratories

Nursing Foundation Lab

This lab is well-equipped with 10 beds & set of all items needed for nursing procedure practice to provide comprehensive nursing care to the clients admitted in the hospitals, students will be given preliminary training in patient care at the college laboratory.

Community Health Nursing Lab

With the help of adapted home visiting kits, the students in this lab practise community health nursing skills while delivering family health care to clients at their doorsteps.

Advance Nursing Skill Lab

Our nursing lab has modern equipment and resources to help you improve your practical skills and get ready for any patient-related challenges you might face. Our experienced faculties are there to guide, support, and encourage you during your studies, teaching you important skills like critical thinking, research, and problem-solving. No matter what type of nursing you’re studying, our lab has all the tools you need to succeed. We know that having access to the right facilities is important for your nursing career, and our lab is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to become a successful healthcare professional.

OBG and Paediatrics Lab

This laboratory provides a valuable learning experience for students to develop skills in maternal and child care. The lab consists of state-of-the-art equipment such as simulated babies, prosthetic body parts, and educational charts, which enable students to practice crucial techniques and procedures. Through this comprehensive approach, students gain practical knowledge and understanding in providing medical care for women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal period. The lab also emphasizes the importance of effective communication skills and compassionate care, allowing students to develop a broader perspective on patient-centered healthcare. Overall, this laboratory provides a holistic learning platform to help students become proficient in maternal and child health care.

Pre-Clinical Science Lab

Pre-Clinical Science Laboratory includes Anatomy and Physiology labs. The Anatomy lab is equipped with various specimens which help the students to study and acquiring details the parts of human body. The Physiological processes are being studied by the students before they are posted in clinical area.

Nutrition Lab

The lab is designed to assist the learner to acquire thorough knowledge of nutrition and dietetics. It provides opportunities to the learner to develop culinary skills in the preparation of therapeutic diets required for sick individuals.

Computer Lab

IINR, boasts a world-class computer lab that sets the stage for cutting-edge learning. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the lab offers students an immersive and innovative environment to explore healthcare informatics, conduct research, and enhance their digital skills. It serves as a hub for nurturing the next generation of technologically adept and compassionate nurses.

Central Library

The library at IINR is a world-class facility that is well-stocked with books, journals, and other resources on nursing and related topics. The library also has a number of study areas and computers, making it a great place for students to do research, study, and collaborate. The library staff is friendly and helpful, and they are always willing to assist students in finding the information they need.

Here are some additional details about the library:

  • The library has a collection of over 20,000 books, journals, and other resources.
  • The library has a number of study areas, including individual study carrels, group study rooms, and a quiet study area.
  • The library has a number of computers with internet access.
  • The library staff is available to help students with research, finding books, and using the computers.
The library is a valuable resource for students at IINR. It provides students with access to the information they need to succeed in their studies. The library is also a great place for students to collaborate and learn from each other.

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